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Smart tips for paying off your home loan sooner

Wondering how to pay off your home loan sooner? We look at some things you could do. Australian home loan interest rates remain at historic lows, and the opportunities for paying off a mortgage early are better than ever. Used in conjunction with low rates, here are some extra steps that can speed up loan […]

Buying at auctions: What you should be aware of this spring

As Sydney’s weather starts to warm up, so does the influx of properties about to hit the market. Reports predict that an increase in property listings in Spring, could potentially benefit buyers as vendors look to offload their properties before Christmas. Auctions in recent times have become an attractive way of selling with approximately 30% […]

What refinancing your next investment will really cost you

With the current movement in the Australian property market, buying an investment property has become a popular decision. Investors are accessing and using their existing equity to expand their investment portfolio. Refinancing an existing property is a common option many of my clients consider. However, refinancing can come with hidden costs. Explore your Investment financing […]

How changes to investment lending will affect you

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has tightened lending policy on interest-only loans in an attempt to avoid a potential property bubble in the Australian market and manage heightened market risk. These changes require lenders to hold a certain amount of capital. As a result, lenders have started limiting high LVR investor lending— investment loans […]

Purchase your next property for $1,000,000 with as little 5% deposit

The Australian property market is seeing high demand in recent times with many buyers purchasing properties as part of their long term investment portfolio. In April 2017, it was reported that the median house price in Sydney hit $1.15 million. With rising prices and high demand, it is important to strike  the iron while is […]

Property Investors buying property with NO deposit

Buying a property is part of the Australian dream but with the current market prices, this dream seems unachievable for first home buyers. Over the past five years Sydney property prices have risen to a shocking 70%. As of 2017, the median house price in Sydney suburbs is now valued at $1.15 million. The property […]

Property Investment

Important mistakes to avoid when buying an investment property Buying your first home is perhaps one of the biggest decision’s you will make. But for some, this won’t be the only property investment. Current pressured market conditions have had a significant influence over the past 5 years on housing prices, with reports suggesting a 73% […]

Personal car loans industry secrets

When it comes to deciding on financing options for a new car purchase, buyers have many options to select from. It is important that you are aware of the array of financing options available. This way, you avoid being caught up in only considering dealership financing offered by persuasive sales representatives. Personal car loans offer […]

Buying a new car and the hidden pitfalls of dealership financing

Buying a car can be a very exciting time in one’s life, however it is important you are aware of your financing options to avoid being caught up in dealership financing packages offered to you by car sales representatives. There are many hidden traps with dealership financing. Ensure you know exactly what you are applying […]